by Doug Moore

just another of those cool metal children's books

After running at full throttle all fall, the heavy music world began to slow down this week in anticipation of the holiday season. Still, there was plenty to talk about, and here's what you may have missed:

Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead did an extremely entertaining interview with the New York Times. (Q: You don't believe in God? A: I believe I'll have a drink.)

Prolific NYC metal drummer and sound man Robert Nelson (Mutant Supremacy/Trenchgrinder/Skullshitter) and his musician brother Jessie (Diane Birch/Head Automatica/Cold Cave) launched a charity drive to aid their mother and extended family, whose homes in the Philippines were ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan. Please give if you can.

We enjoyed some Czech children's illustrations awesomely repurposed for metal means.

Obituary announced Metal Meowlisha: a benefit show for feral cats which features Terrorizer, Exhumed and more. Occultation and Gnaw announced NYC shows. One of Gnaw's is at Trans Pecos, which occupies the old Silent Barn space.

Over at Invisible Oranges, we reflected on that weird thing where you keep defending a band who stopped being good years ago. We ran the only Overkill interview you ever need to read. We interviewed Zack Rose of Nekrofilth on East Village Radio. We debuted killer new music by Cult of Fire, Woods of Desolation, Lluvia, Arabrot, and Immortal Bird; we also reflected on live experiences with Absu, Eyehategod, and Damnation Fest.

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What did I miss?