MØTIVATIØN is a new collective led by the musician named Ø that also features members of Faith No More, Eyehategod, Throbbing Gristle, Agnostic Front, L7, Obituary, Lunachicks, Toxic Holocaust, and more. Their debut album The Infinite 8 Steps To Power / Money / More comes out February 22 via Seeing Red (pre-order), and here's what Ø says about it:

The goal is to cultivate a culture of positive collaboration in which individuals actively contribute to each other’s evolution, and to achieve these through a unique process designed for a unique audience. In short, this is all about personal development. Are you familiar with the field of ‘life coaches’ and ‘motivational speakers?’ Have you ever been frustrated with how artificial, and…well, ‘normal’ they tend to be? Have you ever felt like you would like a role model like that, but none of them feel relatable to you? We have.

Our vision is about crafting a subculture approach to personal development. The ‘dark’ imagery and mysterious language are tools to create a distinct frequency and culture which will appeal to the outcasts and misfits and repel those who are unwilling to face their own darkness. Our processes and strategies are intentionally novel, mysterious, and even sometimes apparently apocalyptic. Psychologically, this allows individuals to experience them with a sho-shin-beginner mind. A sense of curiosity and apprehension which activates the nervous system in a different way.

They recently released "PRISØN LØGIC" (ft. Eyehategod's Mike IX Williams, former Cro-Mags member Parris Mayhew, Theo Kogan and Gina Volpe of Lunachicks, and Shane Trimble of High Reeper), and we're now premiering second single "REVELATIØN DENIED," which features Intoxicated (whose members are also in Andrew W.K.'s band) and current Obituary guitarist Ken Andrews. Here's what the band says about this one:

The MØTIVATIØN Cøllective is well pleased by the pøsitive cøllabøratiøn from Erik [Payne], Gregg [Roberts], Mike [Radford], and John [Sutton] of Intoxicated and Kenny [Andrews] of Obituary. ‘Revelatiøn Denied’ contributes a unique strain of møtivatiønal power which we believe to be very effective for the purging and transmutation of the negative. This track is a sonic journey through the swamps of the human psyche; the darkness is thick, the air is heavy, and you are surrounded by a choir of creatures which threaten to pull you under and tear you apart. Only by remaining in motion will you survive. Having contributed their talents to Andrew WK since 1998, Erik and Greg have been undeniably imbued with 'party power,' a highly motivational energy indeed. With Andrew's mysterious disappearance in fall of 2021, a higher level of creativity seems to have been activated-- the song was completed 24 hours after being contacted by the collective.

[...] The riffs were floating in the cosmos and the only way we were able to grasp them was to solve a vastly complicated differential equation that came from a Vision. This Vision came to Erik in the form of a waking hallucination while He was up for 3 days looking out the shutters of a seedy hotel room window 20 years ago. This Vision became a doorway to the unknown. Once the equation was solved (a 20 year effort), the song was written and recorded in a matter of hours. Obituary's Ken Andrews obtained the key to the final variable via solo, communication.

Compared to the ethereal, experimental "PRISØN LØGIC," "REVELATIØN DENIED" goes in much more of a thrash/old school death metal direction, and it's a ripper. Watch the video, along with an accompanying mini-doc about the song, below.

And here's the previous single:

Step Øne (In 5 Easy Steps) (Feat. Theo Kogan, Joel Grind, Lucy Pierce, Shane Trimble)
Swalløw (Feat. Theo Kogan, Roger Miret, Shane Trimble)
Prisøn Løgic (Feat. Mike IX Williams, Parris Mayhew, Gina Volpe, Shane Trimble)
Cøntrol (Feat. Paul Delaney, Theo Kogan)
Initium Fire/Gøld (Feat. Donita Sparks, Gina Volpe, Theo Kogan)
Medi (C+T) Atiøn (Feat. Paul Delaney, Theo Kogan, Victoria Starr)
Helder Fan Eagen, Ferljøchte Fan Geast (Feat. John Bart Van Der Wal, Thomas Haywood)
Pay Tø Play (Feat. Roger Miret, Roddy Bottum, Theo Kogan , Richie Long)
Øpen (Feat. Eddley Odowd, Theo Kogan)
Revelation Denied (Feat. Erik Payne, Gregg Roberts, Mike Radford, John Sutton, Kenny Andrews)
Løgistics (Feat. Norman Reedus, Matt Katz-Bohen, Theo Kogan, Shane Trimble)
Spøils; Zenith (Feat. Roddy Bottum, Victoria Starr, Genesis P Orridge, Norman Reedus, Eddley Odowd, Joe Letz, Andy Duval)

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