Midwestern heavy collective Chrome Waves will follow 2020's Where We Live with their third album, The Rain Will Cleanse, on September 10 via Transcending Records (pre-order), and we're premiering lead single "Sometimes." The band started out in post-black metal territory but have been transitioning towards a more straight-up shoegaze vibe, and "Sometimes" continues in that direction. It's a heavy-yet-beautiful song and if you're into the latest Deafheaven and Hum material, you should definitely give this a listen too.

"'Sometimes' is one of those cliche, 'I wrote this song in 10 minutes' kind of moments," band founder Jeff Wilson tells us. "2am, a dozen cocktails into a writing session, I think this was the fourth demo I had finished that evening. It was honestly almost too easy to arrange and begged for a better melody than I personally could have given it. James [Benson] totally murdered the vocals on this song and it's the perfect first single for this album as it sets the vibe for what's to come."

James adds, "'Sometimes' was written from the perspective of a person trying to handle personal growth without leaving their love behind because of it."

Listen and watch the Eddie Curran-directed video below...

1. When Night Falls
2. Sometimes
3. Tired
4. A Future
5. Wind Blown
6. Aspiring Death


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