Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro), Ka BirdJefre-Cantu LedesmaSpace AfrikaTodd BartonFelicia Atkinson, and more are contributing to New Neighborhoods, a collection of 16 new works inspired by Ernest Hood's 1975 album Neighborhoods. It's being released Friday, October 2 on cassette and digital via Freedom to Spend, an independent NYC label which seeks to recontextualize classic works and increase their accessibility.

As the label details, the compilation touches on the independent, sincere nature of Hood's album, expanding on everyday life with a sense of vulnerability and sonic freedom. It's "an environmental tapestry" of field recordings and ambient music, many of which were recorded completely in solitude, that invites listeners to exit their current landscape and enter the places each artist channels, from Wales to Shenandoah, Texas, to NYC. "As a whole, the collection suspends sound in lucidity; the dream-reality of these recordings unravel and then immediately rewind before the listener, encouraging new rituals of perception," the label writes.

The first edition of the compilation will benefit the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD)'s Center for Community Leadership (CCL) program, a NY grassroots organization that aims to train future movement organizers and arm them with the skills, resources, and community "necessary to advance sustainable political change on a local and regional level."

You can watch the compilation's atmospheric trailer, listen to Todd Barton's "Ashland Ambience," and view the entire tracklist below. Pre-order here or on Bandcamp.

New Neighborhoods


1. Todd Barton - Ashland Ambience
2. Felicia Atkinson - The Willow
3. Ka Bird - West End
4. CV & JAB - Saint-Gilles Lockdown in Three Parts
5. Lieven Martens - Five Elements, Five Repetitions
6. Space Afrika - 217
7. Nailah Hunter - Hidden Tiger Lily
8. Jefre-Cantu Ledesma - Dharani for Morningside Park
9. bookworms - fluctuations in temperature
10. Melanie Velarde - NYC Files
11. Roberto Carlos Lange - A worm in an apple
12. Barraco Barner - Untitled (compressed)
13. Dylan Moon - Wales
14. J D Emmanuel - Shenandoah, Texas
15. Sugai Ken - Symphonic "Joya no Kane"
16. Like A Villain - What's happening to me

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