Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins often goes on spoken word tours these days, but in 2018, he'll go on a 'Travel Slideshow' tour that showcases his photography from his travels over the years. He says, "For many years, I have documented my travels all over the world with a camera. Not always easy but always worth it. Many of the photos have stories behind them. Now and then, I gather several images, show them to an audience and tell those stories."

The tour includes NYC-area shows at Long Island's Space at Westbury Theatre on January 16 and NJ's Starland Ballroom on January 17. Tickets for Westbury and Starland go on sale Friday (10/13) at noon with presales starting Thursday (10/12) at 10 AM.

His tour includes dates in the US, Canada, and Europe. Find his full tour schedule HERE.

In other news, Henry Rollins recently published an op-ed for LA Weekly titled "I Miss Having a President." Here's an excerpt:

I miss having a president. Trump has been in office for several months and has yet to raise himself to the level of a nation’s leader. When you make the president of North Korea look rational, you’ve got problems. I think it can be concluded that there will be no “pivot” and that chief of staff Kelly will not be able to bring Trump around to a more presidential posture or bearing.

One thing that Trump has forced me to realize is that anything that could be called “presidential” is only what presidents before him did. Anything that is now considered precedent at one point had to be unprecedented. Could all these embarrassing and potentially deadly blowouts Trump commits on an almost daily basis be setting new precedents?

Trump has no idea what his job is, but this is a large part of what got him elected. Not the promises he made about his border wall, immigration policy or magical thinking on health care but the fact that he doesn’t know, doesn’t want to know and has no patience for anything that takes longer than a few minutes.

Read the rest here.

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