Spoken Word performer Henry Rollins is the latest guest on Chris Difford of Squeeze's podcast, I Never Thought It Would Happen. "In this wide-ranging conversation, Henry talks about his remarkable career and his passion for music, something which stemmed from his difficult upbringing where music was an escape for him. But perhaps the most surprising thing to come out of this conversation is Henry’s appreciation of the classic musicals. As you’ll hear, there’s much more to the man than just his punk rock roots."

Early in the episode Henry talks about being "an extraordinarily solitary person" and the minimal interaction he has with other people in his life -- "It's my preferable state...I live alone, I work alone" -- but he talks to his "best friend" every week! In Henry's words: "My best friend since we were 12, that'd be Ian MacKaye of the band Fugazi. It's amazing to have done one thing for that many decades." You can listen to the whole podcast below.

In other news, Henry Rollins has been hinting about a big project he has going in his current hometown of Nashville. His LLC purchased a commercial building in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood for $2.7 million.  “It’s something I’ve been working on for a couple of years with my manager, Heidi May, and I’ve put my life savings into it,” Rollins told The Guardian in March. “All I can say is that we’re looking at launching 14 months from now in Nashville and it will make people smile until their faces hurt.”

Meanwhile, we just added a bunch of Fugazi, Minor Threat and other color vinyl from Dischord Records to the shop along with Black Flag records, books and more.

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