Fresh off releasing a split with Jawbox frontman J. Robbins, Her Head's On Fire (another new band fronted by Sid Jagger aka Joseph Grillo of Garrison, Gay For Johnny Depp, etc that also features members of Small Brown Bike and Saves The Day) are now gearing up to put out their debut album, College Rock & Clove Cigarettes, on July 15 via Iodine Recordings (pre-order). They recently released lead single "Burn," and we're now premiering second single "Common Shame."

As you might expect from a band with a lineup like this, the new songs find Her Head's On Fire tapping back into the sounds of '90s emo, post-hardcore, and indie rock, and these fiery, anthemic songs fall somewhere in the realm of stuff like Samiam, Superchunk, and The Get Up Kids. Talking about the new song, Joseph says, "The American sickness of a desire for fame and acknowledgment for doing nothing at all. Celebrities who aren’t actually celebrated for anything that they accomplished but rather for simply 'being famous.' I find it repulsive and insulting to the human condition." Listen below.



Her Head's On Fire

1. Burn
2. Call Me Up
3. Lexicon of Doubt
4. Common Shame
5. Pristine Heart
6. Rising Tide
7. So Beautiful
8. Matchsticks
9. Sugar Lips
10. Are We Enough


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