Hercules & Love Affair have announced In Amber, their first album in five years, which will be out June 17. This one's a little different, with Andy Butler moving beyond the disco and house sounds associated with group, citing everything from Throbbing Gristle, Dead Can Dance and Diamanda Galas as influences this time. "In dance music, the focus tends to be more on celebration, joy, desire, heartbreak,” Butler says. “But rage? Existential contemplation? Not so much…certain emotions seemed to be off limits. In some ways, In Amber is a record I didn’t know I had in me.”

In Amber does, however, reunite Hercules & Love Affair with ANOHNI for the first time since their 2008 debut gave us "Blind;" she wrote a lot of that album with Butler. The album also features former Siouxsie & The Banshees drummer Budgie. The first single, "Grace," features Icelandic singer Elin Ey, and gives some indication of what this album may be like -- rhythm is still central to the mission, but this is textured art pop. Watch the video below.


In Amber:
1. Grace
2. One
3. You've Won This War
4. Christian Prayers
5. Dissociation
6. Contempt for You
7. Gates of Separation
8. Killing His Family
9. Who Will Save Us?
10. The Eyes of the Father
11. Poisonous Storytelling
12. Repent

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