Afrobeat-infused heavy psych band Here Lies Man will release their fourth album Ritual Divination later this month (1/22 via RidingEasyRecords - pre-order), and we're premiering its newest single, "Collector of Vanities." As we've come to expect from this band, the new song has an infectious groove, tasty fuzzed-out riffs, and a hypnotic vibe that's as catchy as it is psychedelic. Hear it for yourself below.

Here Lies Man have been described as "if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat" since day one, but they've got plenty of other influences too, and we asked guitarist/vocalist/founder Marcos Garcia (who's also in Antibalas) about all the music that inspired this upcoming album. "Ritual Divination is channeling a mix of different energies," he said. "I categorized a list of songs by how the energy influenced the conceptualization of the album upon reflection."

Here's his list:

Classic Afrobeat energy:

Fela Kuti - Slap Me (Make I Get Money)
Fela Kuti - No Agreement

Atmospheric and cinematic energy:
Pink Floyd - Quicksilver
Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds

Trance inducing and repetitive energy:
Can - Smoke (E.F.S. No. 59)
BCUC - Isivunguvungu
Kyuss - Gardenia
Ecstatic Vision - Astral Plane Pt. 1

Slow Sabbath doom energy:
Monolord - Nuclear Death

Metal shuffle energy:
Deathchant - Hex
Hell Fire - Free Again
Haunt - Luminous Eyes

Epic classic rock energy:
Neil Young - Southern Man

See if you can hear those coming through by listening to the new song and the two previous singles below...

Here Lies Man

Ritual Divination Tracklist
01. In These Dreams
02. I Told You (You Shall Die)
03. Underland
04. What You See
05. Can’t Kill It
06. Run Away Children
07. I Wander
08. Night Comes
09. Come Inside
10. Collector of Vanities
11. Disappointed
12. You Would Not See From Heaven
13. The Fates Have Won
14. Out Goes The Night
15. Cutting Through The Tether

Bonus 7" (UK pressing & direct from RidingEasy)
Side A: Run Away Children
Side B: I Wander

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