We asked Chris Farren what music he's been listening to in self-isolation to get him through these crazy times, and -- naturally -- he made a list of the music he'll be listening to each day in the leadup to the national holiday that is Chris Farren's Birthday (April 29). As of today (3/20), Chris' birthday is 40 days away, and he picked one band he'll listen to each day from now until day 20. Chris says:

hi it's me Chris Farren. Thank you for asking me to document my self isolation as I've been dutifully counting down the days until April 29th, my birthday. I had a lot of plans that I ultimately decided to postpone so I could focus my energy more appropriately (on my birthday). Here's what I'll be listening to for the next couple of weeks:

Slowdive - 40 Days

Sight & Sound Theatres - 39 Days

Matt Luneburg - 38 Days

Nightingail - 37 Days

Derek Smith - Thirty-Six Days

La Dispute - 35

Takashi Umemiya & The Comrades - 34 Days

Keenan - 33 Days

Numblife - 32 Days

Future - 31 Days

Run-DMC - 30 Days

Dave Munsick - 29 Days

LFO - 28 Days

Burger Weekends - 27 Days

Syberia - 26 Days

Hello Saferide - 25 Days

Vaylon - 24 Days

SHeDAISY - 23 Days

Ryley Walker - 22 Days

Brian Fallon - 21 Days

But what will Chris listen to for the 20 days after that?! Hopefully we find out soon!

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