Dashboard Confessional were on their 20th anniversary, full-albums tour when the pandemic escalated and interrupted their tour (and everyone else's), but Chris Carrabba has been finding other ways to stay busy. He's done a handful of livestreamed performances (including one of 2001's So Impossible EP in full), he covered Post Malone and did a new version of "Screaming Infidelities" in a recent Spotify Singles session, and now he has made us a playlist of music he's been listening to in quarantine. Chris says:

We are in uncharted waters here. The world feels upside down. Fear is legitimate, and rampant. Leadership is wanting. The news is bad. I feel at once safe in isolation and desperate for the isolation to end. I have more questions than there are answers. When I need to feel something other than all of this worry I turn to music, of course I turn to music. I put on headphones, and find my way, through the songs, to my friends, my family, my life as it was and one day will be again. I feel calm, brash, euphoric, somber, adventurous, connected. I feel better. That is the undeniable power music has in my life. These are some of the songs I have been listening to.

His playlist includes songs by Rilo Kiley, Built To Spill, Gerry Cinnamon, Dawes, Brian Fallon, Gang of Youths, Frank Black, Big Thief, Lifeguards (Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard), and EXES, and you can stream the whole thing -- along with his recent Spotify session -- right here:

What Chris Carrabba Is Listening To
“My Slumbering Heart” - Rilo Kiley
“Time Trap” - Built To Spill
“Sometimes” - Gerry Cinnamon
“All Your Favorite Bands” - Dawes
“Paradise Is Not So Bad” - Lifeguards
“Hard Feelings” - Brian Fallon
“The Heart Is A Muscle” - Gang Of Youths
“Headache’ Frank Black
“Shark Smile” - Big Thief
“One Day” - EXES


Also in celebration of their 20th anniversary, Dashboard released The Best Ones Of The Best Ones this year. It's the band's first career-spanning compilation, and it includes songs from all seven full-length albums, the So Impossible and The Drowning EPs, and their much-loved MTV Unplugged performance. You can stream that too:

And here's a video from Chris' latest livestream:

And here's a gallery of photos of Dashboard at Riot Fest 2019:

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