With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many of us home a lot more, we've been asking artists about the music they've been listening to in isolation, and this list comes from Mike IX Williams, frontman of the great, long-running NOLA sludge metal band Eyehategod.

Mike tells us:

When trying to write about listening to music in quarantine lockdown, I really didn’t want to just write down a name of a band, then a description of the music and why it’s in my playlist blah blah blah. That gets really fucking boring and boring is something none of us need more of at this point. Also naming only 5-10 songs as I was asked, is virtually impossible. I really like to check out pretty much everything out there, from new dark wave and old Greek rembetika to South African folk music and Vietnamese 60’s psych not to mention old favorites on rotation like the MC5, Son House, Germs, Alice Cooper, early SPK, Laughing Hyenas, early Aerosmith... my heart lies in the stuff that really soothes my soul and still makes me realize why I’m in a band and play music in the first place, no matter the style.

The songs on this playlist are varied but produce a conjoined sentiment that I put together completely unknowingly. I didn’t realize the theme I had going on, it must’ve been lurking in the tomb of my subconscious. Dealing with this new world and the figurehead of the U.S.A. has me thinking of death a lot lately... not mine, though. Assassins get your rifles out, snipers poise your double barrels, there’s a target on the horizon telling us to inject bleach while he bullies & whines. Aim well my friends. Today I give you some songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat for a while now...

Like Mike said, his taste is all over the place, but he stuck mostly to his punk side for this one, picking songs by Hot Snakes, Redd Kross, Adolescents, State of Alert, Dicks, School Jerks, Testors, Ice and the Iced, The Hollywood Brats, The Rubinoos, and more. Listen:

Mike IX of EyeHateGod's Quaratine Playlist

We’ve Had Enough - Ice and the Iced
Warbaby - The Mau-Maus
Suicide Invoice - Hot Snakes
Blow Up the Embassy - Fearless Iranians From Hell
Stay Away From Downtown - Redd Kross
Wicked World - School Jerks
Rock and Roll is Dead - The Rubinoos
Dead in a Motel Room - Dicks
Leave Me Alone - The Scabs
Sick on You - The Hollywood Brats
It’s Only Death - Testors
Disease - State of Alert
Richard Hung Himself - Adolescents


In addition to listening to Mike's playlist, you can also take a look at a sick live video of Eyehategod from 1996.

photo by Britta
photo by Britta

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