With the coronavirus outbreak causing many people to stay at home as much as possible, we’ve been asking musicians what music they’re listening to in isolation, and this one comes from the three members of Frail Body, who released not one but two of 2019's best screamo releases. The band says:

All of these songs convey a solemn tone. The most optimistic moments could be considered contemplative at best. Most of these songs all have a feeling of expanse to them whether through production means, depth of arrangement, or simply repeating a single phrase on tape until it comes unraveled. It sort of feels like that’s what is happening to the world around us anyways.

Read on for their picks...

Greet Death - "Entertainment" (Nicholas)

Shamewave - "One Thousand Worms" (Nicholas)

NNAMDI - "Flowers to my Demons" (Nic)

Cloakroom - "Lossed Over" (Nic)

William Basinski - "dlp 3" (Lowell)

Jakob - "Lonesome" (Lowell)


And here's a recent live video of Frail Body: