With the coronavirus outbreak causing many people to stay at home as much as possible, we’ve been asking musicians what music they’re listening to in isolation, and this one comes from Michigan punk/shoegaze/etc band Greet Death, who released the very good New Hell on Deathwish last year and who were supposed to tour with Deafheaven before coronavirus got in the way.

The playlist features picks by all three band members (Sam Boyhtari, Jim Versluis, and Logan Gaval), and it's a diverse selection of songs that spans from Code Orange to Lady Gaga to Shirley Bassey. The band also gave commentary on each pick. Scroll down for their list.

Also, New Hell is one of the albums that Deathwish is selling on Bandcamp for $1 or more in order to encourage more sales to make up for the loss of income from cancelled tours. Pick it up here if you'd like to support.



Code Orange - "Swallowing the Rabbit Whole"

My coworker Jason said the song feels like “getting your ass beat in an art museum,” and I think that sums it up better than I could. [Sam]

Shirley Bassey - "Diamonds are Forever"

I’ve been catching up on Bond movies in preparation for the new one. Of all the Bond themes, Shirley Bassey’s far outshine the rest. She defined the franchise with Goldfinger, but I think this one is her best, presenting an attitude of cold indifference toward love and one-dimensional men on top of haunting string arrangements. [Sam]

Lady Gaga - "Stupid Love"

I’m trying to learn choreography while my knee is fucked up from running, and it’s really fucking hard. [Jim]

Sade - "Kiss of Life"

There are so many songs you can touch yourself to during a quarantine, but Sade is rare in creating the feeling like you actually have a partner there with you. She makes the impossible feel possible. [Jim]

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Audiobook)

(Logan) I pretty much don't listen to music right now. I go to work and I get stressed the fuck out and then I come home and stare at the wall. When I get tired of that I put this Lord of the rings audiobook on until I pass out. Then I wake up and go to work?


Before you go, watch this live video of Greet Death at NYC's Berlin Under A last year:

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