With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many of us home a lot more, we've been asking artists to make us playlists of the music they've been listening to in isolation, and this one comes from Vancouver progressive death metallers Neck of the Woods, who released their very solid sophomore LP The Annex Of Ire on Pelagic in March.

The list was made by vocalist Jeff Radomsky, and it includes Converge frontman J Bannon's new supergroup Umbra Vitae, Code Orange, Cult Leader, Jurassic 5, Orville Peck, IDLES, and more. Jeff also provided commentary on each pick. Read on for his list...


Tommy Guerrero - Road to Knowhere

Calm, cool and collected this record has been my backdrop for daily quarantine life. I keep it - along with the rest of Guerrero's discography - spinning while reading, cooking, cleaning and most any time I'm mulling around my apartment. The relaxed instrumentals allow my mind to turn with out distraction while keeping my home space feeling warm and welcome.

TR/ST - The Destroyer 2

Plain and simple - I love this singers voice. Mostly melancholic, Destroyer - 2, paints an introspective, synth-heavy picture that often shifts my mindset into to a place of contemplation.

Umbra Vitae - Shadow Of Life

Combining members of The Red Chord and Converge - two of my favorite bands - Umbra Vitae has my undivided attention. Ferocious, blackened and brutal, this band has cultivated all the components for a record I'd love. Currently offering only two singles with the album seeing its full release on May 1st, you can bet I'm salivating to hear the record in full.

Cult Leader - A Patient Man

Cult Leader is sonic depression. No doubt most folks affected by the current state of affairs have been taunted by all consuming cloak of depression at some point in the past month. Instead of burying this emotion I choose to fully immerse, sit with and eventually step past the mental chains it bares. A Patient Man is a steady guid through the trenches of desolation.

Jurassic 5 - Power In Numbers

Smooth, old-school style coupled with positive, uplifting lyrics the J5 have been my accompaniment to drinking beers on my balcony while sitting in the sun in an effort to forget the rest of the world is on fire.

Code Orange - Underneath

I've been enjoying the steady transition Code Orange has been making over the course of their career. From relatively strait-forward hardcore to heavily electronic noise with pop-like hooks Underneath has been my backing track to daily runs and home work outs.

Orville Peck - Pony

The drag queen cowboy has won my heart. Roy Orbison-esque style paired with gender norm challenging lyrics sung from under a tassel clad gimp mask creating a unique character whom I can't help but sing along with.

IDLES - Joy as an Act of Resistance
IDLES constantly sound as if the wheels are about to fall off yet they always manage to stay on the road. I absolutely adore the lyrical content of this record and constantly feel inspired to start a punk band every time I listen to it.


And here's the new Neck of the Woods album:

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