With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many of us home a lot more, we've been asking artists about the music they've been listening to in isolation, and this list comes from Christopher King of This Will Destroy You, who released a career-spanning rarities compilation for this month's Bandcamp Day and who are also finally giving their full score for Chef Jordan Kahn's Vespertine restaurant a long-awaited release on June 9 via Dark Operative digitally (and June 23 on vinyl).

"Music has always provided a sense of escape and refuge," Christopher says of his playlist. "The therapeutic effects help provide a much needed balance to counter the current state the world is in. It is impossible to look away from the global crisis and the amount of suffering that is occurring. The uncertainty of the future is so difficult to process with no real timeline or leadership in view. I worry about my friends and family - especially those close to me that are brave enough to put themselves out there on the front lines. This time of isolation and introspection has the unique ability to create new viewpoints and power in people. Human beings are resilient and will continue to recreate themselves to adapt to 2020 and beyond. Time to truly appreciate what we do have. It’s going to be a bumpy ride but we can all hang on the best we can and be kind to each other.

'We are not what happened to us, we are what we wish to become' - Carl Jung."

Christopher included songs by Frank Ocean, Westside Gunn, Angel Bat Dawid, Bib, John Carroll Kirby, Pure X, M Geddes Gengras, Sevdaliza, Frédéric Chopin, Charles Mingus, and more, and you can listen to a Spotify playlist of all of his picks (and a Bandcamp stream of one that isn't on Spotify) below.

And this one which isn't on Spotify:

Christopher King's (This Will Destroy You) Quarantine Playlist
Wabi - John Carroll Kirby
Dear April - Frank Ocean
Middle America - Pure X
$500 Ounces - Westside Gunn
Mediterranean Sounds - Belle Chen
Time Makes Nothing Happen - M Geddes Gengras
Babylon Will Fall - Pachyman
Melody in A Minor - Federico Mondelci
Fantas - Caterina Barbieri
Black Family - Angel Bat Dawid
Myself When I Am Real - Charles Mingus
Nocturne in F-Minor Op.55, No.1 - Frédéric Chopin
The Fool - Bib
Human Nature - Sevdaliza
Bh - Daniel Aged


If you haven't already, stream TWDY's new rarities comp and "Kitchen" from Vespertine:

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