Mikkel Hess has been making music as Hess is More for a while now and is set to release a new album next month. With it comes a typographic shift (or perhaps just a broken space-bar on his keyboard), changing the name of his group to Hessismore and the album, due August 19, is titled Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsaplaceanyway. That's the cover art above. Where his previous releases were more of a solo venture, the new LP was made with a steady band that's been gigging pretty regularly over the last couple years, and was recorded by Andrew Raposo (Midnight Magic, Hercules & Love Affair). We've got the premiere of the LP's groovy "Bearsong" in this post.

To celebrate the new album, the eight-piece Hessismore ensemble will perform five nights at East Village club Nublu from August 18 - 22. Tickets are on sale now. If you've never seen their live show -- tight, jazzy, krauty disco -- it's highly recommended.

Hessismore have a few other dates lined up as well, including the Wassaic Project festival in Wassaic, NY next weekend (Aug 1). All are listed, along with the new song stream, album tracklist / trailer and a live video, below...



Hess Is More Live: Would Would You Like To Disco?

Hessismore - Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway tracklist:
1. Myheadisaballroom
2. Stupidface
3. Bearsong
4. Heyithinkyouareterrific
5. Ballroombynight

1. Dontgotohollywood
2. Toughenup
3. Youarenotaprimate

Hessismore - 2014 Tour Dates
July 29 - The Kennedy Center - Washington, DC
Aug 01 - Wassaic Project Summer Festival - Wassaic, NY
Aug 19 - 22 - Nublu - NYC

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