Hey Hey My My

If you missed Hey Hey My My's first-ever U.S. show opening for Lightspeed Champion at Mercury Lounge, that's ok - they're playing two more NYC shows....

Hey Hey My My - 2008 Tour Dates
Mar 7 - Southpaw w/ the Subjects, the Epochs and Luke Rathborne BROOKLYN, New York
Mar 8 - Soundfix New York
Mar 21 - Tandem w/ Calc, Appletop TOULON
Mar 22 - Akwaba AVIGNON
Mar 25 - Le Bikini w/Capsula, Sweet Apple Pie, Meltintone TOULOUSE
Mar 28 - L'Aire libre w/ Calc RENNES
Mar 29 - File 7 w/ Syd Matters MAGNY LE HONGRE
Apr 3 - Festival Chorus des Hauts de Seine La Défense
Apr 20 - Festival Paradis Articifiels LILLE
Apr 25 - Les Silos CHAUMONT
May 11 - Festival Rue des Sens w/Stuck in the Sound, Uncommonmenfrommars NANTESS
Jun 13 - Festival Mouen Fort la Zic MOUEN
Jul 25 - Festival le Grand Souk RIBERAC
Aug 23 - Les Nuits d'O. MONTPELLIER

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