Britpop-infused UK punks High Vis shared their sophomore LP Blending this year, and it's ended up on some artist-made year-end lists, including from End It, Praise, and Justice Tripp (Angel Du$t, Trapped Under Ice). We've also asked High Vis what their favorite music of 2022 was, and they made us a list including Ceremony offshoot SPICE, Life's Question, Men I Trust, Age of Apocalypse, Sumerlands, the split from The Chisel and Mess, the new Fucked Up singles, and more. Read on for their list, with commentary on each pick...

High Vis' Favorite Releases of 2022


Label-mates SPICE are my favourites of an emergent pattern of sound that Fiddlehead and Militarie Gun also fit into for me. Viv is a beautiful follow-up to their 2020 self-titled album: both of these records speak to me on a personal level both through their lyrical content and musical sensitivity. -Rob Hammarén

Fucked Up - Found/One Day

2022 treated us to more epics in minutes from Fucked Up. One Day is truly a musical composition with its disorientating yet rich and choral vocal textures. -Rob Hammarén

Life's Question - World Full Of

This record has the right amount of everything for me - melody and groove, breakdowns and riffs, and never too much of any, goldilocks material. - Martin Macnamara

Men I Trust - "Billie Toppy"

Men I Trust released just two tracks this year, hoping they end up on a new full length at some point, but anyway “Billie Toppy” is more of everything I’ve come to love about the band. - Martin Macnamara

Age Of Apocalypse - Grim Wisdom

This album is catchy and atmospheric. It sounds huge. It has all the riffs and breakdowns. An album I’ve listened to a lot this year. Can't wait to see them live. -Edward Ski Harper

Ell Murphy x Chavinsky - "O.B.F.C."

A song by a very special friend of mine, who provides the lush soothing vocals. It gives me what I want from UKG and Jungle, melding it perfectly. The song is about a crew in the UKG scene and the togetherness they have. This came out on Locked On. A legendary label I grew up on. Can’t get enough of this tune. -Edward Ski Harper

Rainy Miller - Desquamation (Fire, Burn. Nobody)

This album feels like a nostalgic sonic picture of the Northwest of England from my youth, whilst simultaneously sounding fresh and exciting. There’s a Fiesta Mkii on fire. -Graham Sayle

Eliza Rose - "B.O.T.A."

To see someone from our little South London social circle get to the top of the UK pop charts with a self released summer banger is punk as fuck. -Graham Sayle

The Chisel/Mess - Split LP

The Mess side is great, pure Blitz worship. On the Chisel side it’s absolute bangers, “red or blue this one’s for you” -Graham Sayle

Sumerlands - Dreamkiller

In addition to being an awesome human, Arthur Rizk is also a very talented musician. -Rob Moss


High Vis are playing Outbreak Fest in the UK, LTC Fest in Richmond, and more in 2023.

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