UK band Higher Power just wrapped up their first headlining US tour since the release of their great sophomore album (and Roadrunner debut) 27 Miles Underwater, including a slot at this past weekend’s stacked LDB Fest and a sold-out NYC show at Union Pool on Saturday (2/8).

By the time Higher Power made it to Brooklyn, frontman Jimmy Wizard had sadly run into some health issues. He said from the stage that he had a recent chest infection that caused him to lose his voice, and a doctor had to give him a shot so he could get his voice back for the show, and Jimmy — who’s usually known for doing high kicks and splits — said he thinks he tore his ACL while stretching just minutes before Higher Power’s set. He seemed to be holding himself in pain during the set, and said near the end that he was rushing to the emergency room.

The situation did make for a tamer Higher Power set than you’d usually expect, but credit where it’s due to Jimmy who powered his way through the show like a champ when he could have easily cancelled at the last minute. Plus, the rest of the band and the crowd did their best to keep the energy in the room as high as possible. The band was a super tight, well-oiled machine, and the nonstop-moshing crowd helped Jimmy sing on just about every song. Higher Power kept the set heaviest on songs from the new album — but did reach back to their great 2017 debut Soul Structure for a few songs, including their breakthrough song “Can’t Relate” which came right after opening the show with the newer “Shedding Skin” — and it seemed like the sold-out crowd already knew every word to the new album. Everyone definitely knew the words to the album’s killer first single “Seamless” (released back in September), with which Higher Power closed the show and went as hard as Jimmy Wizard possibly could. It seemingly ended the show on the highest note possible, but then fans yelled for an encore, and despite Jimmy’s situation, they actually did one (it seemed genuinely unplanned). Jimmy asked the crowd to keep it moving out there as he powered through this one last song, and the crowd delivered.

Higher Power promised from the stage that they’d be back soon, and hopefully Jimmy will be in better shape next time. Going by this show selling out in advance, it’ll probably be in a bigger room next time too. Stay tuned!

The Union Pool show was opened by Queensway, Hangman, and Life’s Question. After the show, members of Higher Power DJed an afterparty at Old Stanley’s in Bushwick with local legend Walter Schreifels.

Higher Power