Skylar Sarkis of Taking Meds and Growing Stone, Eric Egan of Heart Attack Man, and George Lucarelli of Falls Apart came together last year as the hardcore band Highway Sniper and released their debut EP Greatest Hits. It's five songs of pissed-off, explicitly political, D-beating hardcore, and they're now set to follow it with Greatest Hits 2: This Time It's Personal on April 20.

We're premiering the video for first single "New Terrorists," which is just as musically and lyrically ruthless as the songs on the first EP, but it also finds the band moving forward. The two-minute track starts out with the same whiplash that the first EP provided, but about halfway through, it slows things down for an early 2000s metalcore/nu metal breakdown in the best, least cheesy way.

When asked for a quote about the song, the band said, "We tried to warn you... this time it’s personal." Listen below.

Highway Sniper

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