Dublin dark singer/songwriter Hilary Woods has EPs dating back to 2014, and she caught the attention of Sacred Bones Records, who will release her debut album Colt next week (6/8). The album was co-produced by James Kelly, who used to play guitar and sing in the metal band Altar of Plagues and more recently makes electronic music as WIFE, and a metal-turned-electronic musician makes a lot of sense working with Hilary Woods. Her music is dark like a lot of metal but not heavy, and it's got the atmosphere and minimal percussion of a lot of electronic music. Fans of other metal-affiliated singer/songwriters like Chelsea Wolfe, Marissa Nadler, and Emma Ruth Rundle will probably dig this, and like all of those artists, Hilary is a force of her own with a soaring, gripping voice. While you wait for the album to come out, you can hear three of its songs below.

At the moment she has just three shows -- all in Ireland and the UK -- including a Meltdown Festival show with Moon Duo. All dates are listed below.

1. Inhaler
2. Prodigal Dog
3. Take Him In
4. Kith
5. Jesus Said
6. Sever
7. Black Rainbow
8. Limbs

Hilary Woods -- 2018 Tour Dates
June 11 - St Pancras Church, London UK
June 20th - Meltdown Festival, London UK w/ Moon Duo
Sept 14 - The Sugar Club, Dublin, IRL

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