Last month, musicians Helena Deland and Ouri announced their new joint venture called Hildegard with a psychedelic and eerie debut single called "Jour 2." Now, the pair have announced the project's self-titled debut LP (due June 4 via Section 1), alongside the release of another single, "Jour 1."

"Jour 1" is slightly sinister, combining pulsing beats and abrasive synths with static moments of near-silence and sweet, soft-spoken lyrical delivery. Thematically, it's "about processing by partying, and the clarity that sometimes comes with it," as described by the duo, which is perfectly captured by its accompanying music video. Throughout, it creates a collage of night vision club and concert footage, zeroing in on the chaos of a night out wherein one can dance their heart out against a sea of sweaty bodies and later, bask in the solace that can be found once the night is over. Watch the music video below (note: it includes flashing lights and strobes at certain points). Artwork and tracklist below too.

Hildegard album artwork


1. Jour 1
2. Jour 2
3. Jour 3
4. Jour 4
5. Jour 5
6. Jour 6
7. Jour 7
8. Jour 8

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