I admit, I don't even know who Hillary Duff is, though I've heard the name. It took me a while to catch on to the Paris Hilton phenomenon, and then Jessica Simpson, and even Lindsey Lohan. The truth is, I still don't totally know what Lindsey Lohan does, though I know she performed in Times Square on New Years Eve and Thighs Wide Shut is a huge fan. I think Hillary Duff fits into that web somehow.

What makes the situation so much weirder, is that Hillary must know who I am. She must have heard I had plans to stop by Misshapes, LIT and Motherfucker this weekend, because she also attended all three parties. She got it all wrong though. I never made it to Misshapes, and Har Mar and I were chillin at LIT on Saturday night, NOT Friday night. By Sunday, she finally found me at Motherfucker (where she was seen hangin with her supposed boyfriend from Good Charlotte), but we never crossed paths (or did we? I wouldn't have known).

Though I didn't get a chance to speak with her, my friend Mike had a run-in. Mike managed to procure one of the free disco ball keychains that Motherfucker staff was throwing into the crowd after Bloc Party left the stage. As Hillary passed by him, he handed it to her (as a sign of his love?). As she started to walk away, the Good Charlotte dude grabbed it out of her hand, and threw it back at him. What a dick!

Gawker reports on the situation. (Just don't call me a "hipster")