Kurtis Blow giving a "Hip-Hop tour of Harlem" | Jan 27, 2007 (CRED)
Kuris Blow

Not only is Kurtis Blow teaming up with a politician to help abolish the "N Word"....

"Queens Councilman Leroy Comrie spearheaded the nonbinding measure before the New York City Council Thursday. He appeared with hip-hop pioneer Kurtis Blow Walker on Thursday and said the slur has gained a level of acceptance among entertainers and youths that is troubling. 'So I challenge the hip-hop community, I challenge you to abolish that word during the month of February -- Black History Month -- and beyond,' Walker said." [KSDK] (via Rolling Stone)

...he's giving (see above) "hip hop tours of harlem" along with other rap legends:

Trace the history and influences of hip hop from its earliest stage with Pioneers DJ Red Alert, Grand Master Caz, Rahiem of Grand Master Flash & the Furious 5 and others.This interactive cultural tour of Manhattan, Harlem and the Bronx highlights the true meaning of hip hop see, DJing, Mcing, Graffiti and Break Dancing.

Get the lowdown on groups like Public Enemy, Treacherous 3, Sugarhill Gang and Russel Simmons; try your hand in our "Show Your Skills" segment while dressed in our 'bling-bling'/

I realize this has tourist written all over it, but I can't help but want to sign up for one ASAP.

A quick Google search reveals that the NY Times wrote an article on it last year, and that there seems to be competing companies.

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