The former Bushwick party girl who nearly took the rap for her boyfriend's drunken driving will be just fine -- if she can stay away from scandalous Brooklyn, her lawyer said yesterday.

Sophia Anderson -- who was in the car when ex-beau Daniel Sajewski drove his parents' Mercedes into the home of an elderly Long Island woman -- was granted "conditionally dismissed" charges in Riverhead court.

Now, she needs to stay out of trouble for six months -- a task she can achieve if she avoids the borough of booze and sin, said attorney John LoTurco.

"She's doing great . . . without the negative influences of Daniel and the allure of Brooklyn,'' LoTurco said, adding that Anderson is now living safely with her mom in Connecticut.

"The allure of Brooklyn was her boyfriend's circle of friends and the hipster lifestyle that was going on at that period of time -- the drinking, the drugging," LoTurco added.

The good-girl-turned-loft-dwelling-hipster was drunk when the car in which she was a passenger destroyed the home of a 96-year-old Huntington resident in May....

In other news, a Brooklyn boy has been arrested for making over 400 prank calls to 911.

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