There's been reason to hope that a reunion of Hole's mid-90's lineup was in the works -- Courtney Love has alluded to it as recently as 2019, which she said they were "definitely talking about it," and posted a since-deleted Instagram of herself, drummer Patty Schemel and bassist Melissa Auf der Maur with the caption "Whose rusty AF? Ladies!!! #hole #rehearsal # tonight #hollywood." Talk of a reunion in 2014 never materialized, and it looks like this time is a bust as well. Asked in new interview with Vogue, "Do you think there’ll ever be a proper Hole reunion?," Courtney responded, "No, absolutely not. And you guys have gotta get over it. Our old manager Peter Mensch calls once a year to ask about a reunion: 'Hey, just doing my thing I do every year with you and Jimmy Page [of Led Zeppelin].' And I’m so honored to be in that company, but it’s just not gonna happen."

She's not sure she wants to tour solo, either, saying, "I love playing festivals, but I don’t know about touring. I don’t look forward to ever having to play the Ventura Theater again with a plate of cold cuts backstage. Life’s too short, and I’m not doing that bullshit anymore. That was actually the night I swore off touring. [Editor’s note: Love last played the Ventura in 2015.] I just said, 'Nope! No more small theaters, no more cold cuts. Not doing it.'"

Courtney was scheduled to play a Planned Parenthood Benefit in NYC with Melissa Auf der Maur in March of 2020, but just like everything else around that time, it wound up not happening due to COVID.

The original lineup of Hole reunited last in 2012, at an afterparty for documentary Hit So Hard.

Meanwhile, Courtney's Vogue interview was to promote her new cover video series with British musician Juliette Jackson, Bruises of Roses. You can watch the first edition, where they cover "California Stars," below.