Holly Miranda, who released new LP Mutual Horse earlier this year, has a new single out this week with the a-side being new song "A Little Piece" and the b-side a cover of Gloria Gaynor's disco anthem "I Will Survive." "A Little Piece" was written for Heather Graham's directorial debut, Half Magic. "'Do you have a song that could score an ethereal sex scene?'," Holly says Heather texted her one night. "She sent over the scene and we wrote and recorded this song that night."

As for "I Will Survive," it was originally recorded as an FM4 Session in Vienna. "I was up in the Catskills last fall at my friend Ambrosia Parsleys house. We had a show that night at The Pines in Mt Tremper and I wanted to play a new song or cover that night," she recalls. "I had been listening to Diamanda Galas and then I stumbled on on this Gloria Gaynor song that I hadn't heard in years and decided to try and approach it like Diamanda." You can listen to both sides of the single, and watch video of the FM4 "I Will Survive" performance, below.

Holly has a few European tour dates in November and before that a couple Northeast U.S. shows including NYC's City Winery on October 25 with Tim Mislock (tickets). All dates are listed below.

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