North Carolina's Holy Figures left a pretty big impact last year when they arrived fully-formed with the single "Lucille," and this Wednesday (1/6) they'll be releasing their debut EP Luck of the Draw via New Morality Zine, featuring "Lucille" and three other new songs: "Beatrice," "Margaery," and "Eleanor."

"The first letter of each name correlates to the first letter of the drug, some slang and some not," guitarist/vocalist Owen says of the women's names each song is named after. "The personification comes from an effort to address the problem more directly, almost like a former partner. You can still remember good times and get a sense of joy remembering times with an ex, while still knowing you don’t need to go back to the same situation. I wanted to the lyrics to be provocative and tempting, maybe have a slight hint of regret, while trying to maintain some connection to certain stories or situations I found myself in while doing certain drugs."

Musically, Holy Figures tap into heavy, chugging '90s post-hardcore but with big, soaring, melodic choruses (and a hint of shoegaze) that suggest they've got aspirations that go beyond the post-hardcore underground. "We’re all just grown up metal and hardcore kids so I’m happy we can keep heavier elements, while maybe being a little more accessible to people who aren’t into more aggressive styles of music," Owen says. "Hopefully we can get used as a stepping stone for people to check out heavier music."

Their bio namedrops Far, Jawbox, and Deftones, all of which definitely sound like influences, and they also remind me a little bit of the way that Jimmy Eat World would sneak heavy guitars into their otherwise-accessible songs, and of newer bands like Higher Power and Narrow Head. Like those two bands, Holy Figures sound like they could've scored an alt-rock hit in the late '90s or early '00s, and for those of us who miss that era of heavy-yet-catchy rock, Holy Figures scratch the itch.

Listen for yourself - a full stream premieres right here:

Holy Figures


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