Bloomington, Indiana indie pop band Hoops broke up in 2018, not long after the release of their 2017 full-length debut album Routines, but they reformed the following year and announced a new album, Halo, due October 2, 2020 via Fat Possum. However, they've just broken up again. Frontman Drew Auscherman has issued a statement explaining the reasoning behind the breakup, citing allegations of sexual abuse against a former member and an admission of his own "personal issues of emotional abuse."

Drew wrote, "We've been seeing some pretty terrible things on Twitter over the past week involving a former member of the band. I feel it's necessary to say that we as people and as a band abhor that kind of behavior and do not tolerate sexual abuse in any form." He mentions that the member has been out of the band since 2017, and "as we understood it, their decision to leave was for reasons unrelated to this situation," but Drew also says that after the band had broken up, he "was made aware of this former member's actions. I made the mistake of not pursuing the matters further with the band and the former member, which I now realize only extended and amplified the victim's suffering."

Drew also adds that he has "not been transparent enough in the reasoning behind the band's initial breakup," and that he thinks "Hoops came back too soon while I was still working through my own personal issues of emotional abuse towards partners and friends."

You can read Drew's full statement here;

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