Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions (aka Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval and My Bloody Valentine's Colm Ó Cíosóig) return today with Until the Hunter, their first album in seven years and third album total. (It, among other things, features a Kurt Vile duet.) It's a great album and you can stream it and read our review, and order yours.

Hope and Colm made us a playlist of ten songs they've been listening to, with commentary on each. It includes legends like Bert Jansch and Captain Beefheart, plus smaller, newer artists like Ora Cogan and Daydream Machine. The whole thing is very worth checking out, and you can do that below.

The Ora Cogan song is off her 2010 album The Quarry, but she's actually about to drop a new album this month, Shadowland. She's also on tour right now, including a show that Grouper is DJing at. All dates here.


1 Orange Cake Mix - Streetlights and Stars
This is from a great album that Hope and I used to listen to way back when we first started making music together... just recently revisited and it still sounds fresh and beautiful...

2 Ora Cogan - Daughter
This gorgeous woman opened one of our West Coast shows. This is a great record, so glad she found us.

3 The Floaters - Float On
The party hasn't started until this song is being played...

4 Erykah Badu - Soldier
Love, Love, Love, Erykah Badu! This is a very powerful track, this song tells a true story and everybody should be enlightened by it.

5 Daydream Machine - And I Love Her
This track is dark and lovely.

6 Broadcast with The Focus Group - Witch Cults
... spent a lot of time listening to Broadcast and recently just discovered The Focus Group ... great electronic explorations ..

7 Bert Jansch - Blues Run The Game
Here's a great video capturing Bert in a beautiful rendition of Blues Run the Game... We miss him...

8 The Greenhornes feat Holly Golightly - There is an End
A great song and cool sound.

9 Captain Beefheart - I m Gonna Booglarize You Baby
What's a playlist without some raucous Beefheart ! Love the guitar interplay and riffing.

10 Kali Uchis - What They Say
Just recently heard this girls music at The Pretty Penny vintage shop. Love it. This track sounds like an oldie, supercool!

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