On May 15th, Mazzy Star broke the sad news that their drummer Keith Mitchell had passed away. Today singer Hope Sandoval took to Mazzy Star's Facebook to post a more personal message:

We spent this past Saturday celebrating the life of our sweet, cool and lovable Keith Mitchell. It was a beautiful gathering of artists, musicians, filmmakers, kids, moms, dads, horses, and even some funny little goats.

I just want to share some of my thoughts and memories of the man that I had the privilege and pleasure to work with. Keith and I took many road trips to Berkeley CA in the late 80s together. We recorded a lot of Mazzy Star's music there. He would pick me up in his little Datsun station wagon car, jam-packed with his drum kit and various other percussive instruments.

Keith had superb taste in music and a vast collection of well known and obscure artists. He would always bring a batch of cassettes with interesting sounds along with him. I remember the fist time I heard 'Can,' it was in Keith's car driving along the 5. Their sound was strange wild and beautiful, all at the same time. Keith always had an introduction before he'd play something, the first time he played me Leonard Cohen he said; "this music has the best backing vocals ever!" I can't quite remember the story he told me about the singers but there was some kind of mystery to it.

Keith absolutely loved Tom Waits and played him every trip, the first few times I would say to Keith; "Oh no, not him, his voice is too drunk and scratchy sounding," and Keith would say; "you have to listen to the music and his words, then you'll be hooked!" Of course it wasn't long before I'd get into his car and request the man with the scratchy voice.

So much great music and company on all those Northern California drives... Thank you Keith for all the inspiration, elevation, communication, levitation, education, intoxication and reverberation. I'll always have and keep you in my heart and soul.
Sweet dreams Big Fella.
See you at the big gig in the sky.

Rest in Peace, Keith (pictured with Hope above).