North Carolina's Hopesfall emerged out of the late '90s / early '00s post-hardcore scene, and they were doing the post-hardcore-goes-Hum thing way before it became a big trend in the 2010s. Hum frontman Matt Talbott produced and sang guest vocals on Hopesfall's 2002 sophomore album (and Trustkill debut) The Satellite Years, and Hopesfall continued to get spacier and more atmospheric as their career progressed. They broke up in 2008 but reunited in 2016 and then released their comeback album Arbiter in 2018 via Equal Vision, and it picked up right where they left off, pushing their sound even further in the Hum-ish direction and positioning Hopesfall as both forebears to the current post-hc scene and a current, relevant band who clearly had more to say.

Today, we're premiering Hopesfall's first new single since Arbiter, the nearly-nine-minute "Hall of the Sky." Once again, Hopesfall have pushed their sound forward with a song that's part post-hardcore, part prog, part post-rock, and adventurous and captivating enough to earn its lengthy running time. And it musical ambition is matched by a powerful lyrical message, as the band explains: "The song is about the plight of an activist or a revolutionary - the danger of standing up against institutions that are bigger than they are." Listen and watch the video below. The song hits streaming services on Tuesday (2/25).

Hopesfall are among the many veteran post-hardcore/etc bands playing the Furnace Fest 20th anniversary, which goes down in Birmingham, AL from September 18-20 and also includes Poison the Well (playing The Opposite of December), From Autumn to Ashes, Mineral, Converge, Cave In, Boysetsfire, The Casket Lottery, Hot Water Music, Knocked Loose, Codeseven, Further Seems Forever, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Shai Hulud, With Honor, Zao, Jeremy Enigk, As Friends Rust, Showbread (playing No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical), Every Time I Die, The Appleseed Cast, AVAIL, Counterparts, Defeater, The Juliana Theory, and more (tickets). It's Hopesfall's only upcoming US date at the moment, but they also have a short Japan tour in March (dates).

Hopesfall Hall Sky

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