Horseneck are a Sacramento sludge/post-hardcore band featuring former Will Haven guitarists Anthony Paganelli and Lance Jackman, Chelsea Wolfe's drummer Jess Gowrie, and bassist Lennon Hudson, and they're gearing up to follow their 2017 debut album Heavy Trip with their sophomore LP, Fever Dream, on February 21 (pre-order). It features guest vocalists Gary U.S. Bonds and Jules Bee (Sea Of Bees), as well as help from cellist Steven Ward, tenor saxist Jason Boggs, and trumpeter Nolan Cyr.

They recently released lead single "Pen15," and we're now premiering second single "Matt Lauer's Secret Button." It's a nasty dose of riffy, roaring sludge, and here's what the band tells us about it:

Some songs come fast and some come slow. This song came fast. We wrote the riff and outline for the songs in a couple hours. Jess had an idea for lyrics and vocals so she wrote the lyrics to this song in basically one night. We all definitely feel like this is one of our bangers.

Lyrically it’s about someone who leaves a path of careless destruction and pays for it in the end. The there is the realization that you don’t always get a second chance, then the bad person is atoning for their sins in the end.

The name of the song was something that we saw on the news. Most of the songs on the album we named from things we witnessed going on in the world. We usually write a working title for a song and then never change it.

Listen and see the rest of those song titles below...

1. Barbra Streisand
2. Pen15
3. Happily Level Lafter
4. Porcelain Ass
5. Red Curtain
6. A Discarded Mess
7. Matt Lauer’s Secret Button
8. Sleeping With Silverfish
9. Grease
10. Mr. Funny Guy Full Of Bullshit
11. Margaritadelphia

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