Chicago's self-described "emo bummer pop" trio Hospital Bracelet have singles, a split, and an acoustic EP dating back to 2018, and now they're gearing up to release their debut full-length album, South Loop Summer, on January 12 via Counter Intuitive Records (pre-order). We're premiering the lead single "Happy Birthday," which is a very catchy dose of Midwestern-style emo that honors the genre's traditions but sounds totally new and fresh.

Vocalist/guitarist Eric Christopher says, "I think it's really cool that we were upset that we had been sitting on the record for so long, but when Jake from Counter Intuitive reached out, it made it really worth the wait. We are really stoked to be on a label that we have looked up to for so long. 'Happy Birthday' was the first track I wrote for this record and it's the one I'm most proud of. It holds a lot of meaning to me, and I hope it means a lot to others also."