One of the best songs on Hot Chip's eighth album, Freakout/Release, is "Broken," a swaying, yearning dancefloor anthem that is both moving and gets you moving. The band call it the "emotional centerpiece" of the album. The song has now been released as a single with a video by Maxim Kelly and a EP's worth of remixes.

The "Broken" video is part faux documentary, about the development of AI software that can direct a video, but done in a very early-'80s kind of way with a boy band of dancing robots. “I’m intrigued by A.I. machines doing artwork," says Maxim Kelly. "In the future, robots and computers might make music videos too, this is what I imagine the first will look like. I referenced the boyband videos I grew up watching on MTV, overly sentimental with emotional and gut-wrenching performances. In this video, soulless androids run through all the motions and cliches of these videos with deadpan robotic precision. It’s a pop video with all the entertaining and watchable bits taken out.” Watch that below.

The "Broken" remix EP features Jacques Lu Cont (aka Madonna/Dua Lipa/Pet Shop Boys collaborator Stuart Price), their friend and former DFA labelmate Planningtorock, and DEEWEE artist Each Other. They all put their own danceable spin on the song and you can listen to that below as well.

Hot Chip have a few UK/EU festival dates lined up for 2023, including London's Kaleidoscope Festival at Alexandra Palace on July 15. All dates are listed below.

Hot Chip - 2023 Tour Dates
February 3 – The Warehouse Project @ Depot Mayfield, Manchester
April 30 – Warm Up Festival, Murcia
June 17 – Beyond the Pale, Wicklow
July 15 – Kaleidoscope Festival @ Alexandra Palace, London

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