We've been asking musicians and comedians for Top 10s of 2016 -- maybe you've seen Frank Turner's or Hinds or Jonah Ray's. Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, who released the lovely solo album Piano this year, sent us a list that's a little bit different. He spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco, and this very American holiday can be a bit weird for foreigners, and he opted for walking around the city instead of a turkey dinner. Says Alexis, "This is the music I listened to whilst walking around San Fransisco on Thanksgiving, the music I heard in my head, and also some of the tunes various people were listening to on the streets that I 'Shazammed’."

Check out Alexis Taylor's "Top Ten Homeless Thanksgiving San Francisco Tracks" with streams where possible (plus a stream of his Piano LP) below.

Meanwhile, Alexis' Hot Chip bandmate, Joe Goddard, released a new solo single today.


Alexis Taylor - "Top Ten Homeless Thanksgiving San Francisco Tracks"

1. Purple Music (re-edit) - Jamie 326

2. Seaside (Tough Talk Remix by Thee Loving Hand) - Anonstop

3. State Trooper (Trentemøller re-edit) - Bruce Springsteen

4. Hotline - Black Lodge

(This one is a bit of a mystery)

5. Yermande (Kick and Bass mix) - Mark Ernestus

6. Solo Traveller - Lone Pigeon

7. In Care Of 8765309 - Lambchop

8. Can I Get A... - Jay-Z

9. Sewers of Mars - Royal Trux

10. Roar - Katy Perry

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