We've been asking artists for lists of their favorite music of 2022, and here's one from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip. His Top 10 includes albums and singles by everyone from Cass McCombs to Drake to Bob Dylan, plus former Hot Chip road manager Hagop Tchaparian, and even a different artist also named Alexis Taylor. He offers commentary on each of his picks, too. Read that below.

Hot Chip dropped Freakout/Release, their sublime eighth album, back in August, and if you haven't listened to that you can do so, and watch videos for singles "Broken" and "Eleanor," below.

Alexis will be in the US later this month for Hot Chip DJ gigs in Los Angeles (1720 on December 15) and Brooklyn (Elsewhere on December 29). Hot Chip also have full band shows lined up in the UK in 2023 -- all dates are listed below.



1. Alexis Taylor - "Drunk On Love"
This is not music by me, but by another Alexis Taylor. It’s the exact kind of modern r’n’b balladry that I would want to make myself, but Alexis Taylor completely owns this track and the form. Effortless, heartbreaking, sincere and powerful, and somehow over before you know it… Need a full album!

2. Hagop Tchaparian - Bolts
International man of mystery Hagop Tchaparian somehow returned to his punk pop band Symposium the same year as he released his debut album of Armenian based found-sounds, samples and folk music glued together with deep techno and banging house pulses and beats. No other road manager for Hot Chip has debuted with such brilliant results so far into their career.

3. KH - "Looking At Your Pager"
And he was a boy from school: Kieran Hebden returns with a new moniker (actually the Alexis Taylor tracks above are a bit like Brandy and…) and a new sample-wielding banger that turns every club into a party the moment it starts. It’s very fast. But doesn’t feel like it is. And with the exception of Kate Moss I have never met anyone who didn’t go crazy for this tune.

4. The Wrong Trousers - "Charlie"
A punk band that somehow sounds like The Germs and go for it completely live, all of them at the mere age of 15 years. Something new to keep an eye on for sure, they seem to have arrived fully formed and ready to fully unform on stage…

5. Javiera Mena - Nocturna
Seeing Javiera Mena live in Concepción, Chile was a very fun highlight of the year for me, and her album is fantastic too. In places reminding me of Sade and always moving things around musically, genre-hopping in a way that makes complete sense as she is in total control.

6. Cass McCombs - Heartmind
Some great new songs, thoughts and ideas here from a truly brilliant songwriter at the top of his game. Incredible live too.

7. Bob Dylan - "Lovesick" (Version 2)
I might not quite agree with all the Youtube comments (who could?) about how this is so much better than the fully Lanois-ed version on Time Out of Mind and that that is rubbish by comparison (Youtubers, are you overstating your feelings on this occasion, not holding back?) but it is great to hear this slightly more bare version of a favourite song of Bob’s, bringing new meaning to it in the process. It does feel very emotionally revealing, and also, just sounds amazing.

8. Drake - "Falling Back"
Not sure I have always understood the appeal of Drake. But I understand the appeal of this very much. First time hearing it thought it was a stream of consciousness that barely bared repeated listens, but many repeated listens later and it all makes sense to me, like an outpouring of his feelings about one person, but for all to eavesdrop on.

9. Pale Blue - "Dive"
Mike Simonetti and Elizabeth Wight are a unique duo sculpting atmospheric, deep, sometimes disturbing and sometimes euphoric house music with an emotional core connecting them with some of the greatest pop records of the past, whilst they move things forward into the future with each release. "Dive" is a beautiful return.

10. Lola Kirke - "Better Than Any Drug"
This music reminds me of 80s Whitney Houston and Madonna if they were only ever reeling off lists of how different drugs pale by comparison with a lover, and if they had had the ingenious idea of adding pedal steel guitar to squelchy synth lines. They didn’t have those ideas, they had other fantastic ones, and Lola Kirke takes some influence from those, but is completely her own individual. I thought this tune would be massive. It should be! It is!


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Hot Chip - 2022/2023 Tour Dates
Thu, DEC 15 - 1720™ - Los Angeles, CA (DJ)
Thu, DEC 29 - Elsewhere - Brooklyn, NY (DJ)
Fri, FEB 3, 2023 - The Warehouse Project - Hot Chip - Manchester, United Kingdom
Fri, JUN 9, 2023 - Kirtlington Park - Woodstock, United Kingdom
Sat, JUN 10, 2023 - Kirtlington Park - Woodstock, United Kingdom
Sat, JUL 15, 2023 - Alexandra Palace - North London, United Kingdom
Sat, SEP 9, 2023 - Alexandra Head - Cardiff, United Kingdom

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