Hot Hot Heat were supposed to be the next Strokes. While their 2002 album was popular, they never really reached the next level. That could all change when they release their major label debut album this April. In the meantime, we still have the chance to catch them live during their upcoming, relatively small venue, tour across the U.S.A. In New York, it's March 9th at Bowery Ballroom. Pitchfork has the rest of the dates.

Stereogum's got an MP3.

Opening the shows is the San Diego band, Louis XIV. Readers of Ultragrrrl will remember them as the first release on her Stolen Transmission series of homemade CDs. Signed to Atlantic Records since August 2004, they released an EP this week. Now their name is popping up everywhere.

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Mystery and Misery highlights the band, with MP3s to download.