Since 2015, Hot Rod Circuit have been reunited with the lineup that recorded their most classic album, 2002's Sorry About Tomorrow. They played just a couple shows that year -- NJ's Skate & Surf festival and a Connecticut show with Small Brown Bike -- and last night (5/16) they began their first tour (and played their first NYC show) since 2011. It was at Playstation Theater opening for Say Anything and Bayside, who they'll be on the road with through May 27.

Hot Rod Circuit sounded great as ever, especially during the Sorry About Tomorrow songs which seemed to be the ones that the band and the crowd enjoyed most. We got plenty off that album -- they kicked off the set with the energy level turned right up to 11, taking the ripping "Radiation Suit" into "At Nature's Mercy." Later on we got other favorites like "Safely," "Let's Go Home," and of course HRC's biggest song, "The Pharmacist," plus highlights of other albums like "Radio Song," "Irish Car Bomb," and "Stateside." Andy Jackson also mentioned on stage that they're slowly working on a new album -- which will be their first since 2007 -- and they played "Default Setting," their first new song in six years, which came out last month. Sounding like something from the If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me - Sorry About Tomorrow era, it fit right in with last night's set. Hot Rod Circuit seem like they're back in it for the long haul. If so, it's great to have them back.

Hot Rod Circuit also just repressed Sorry About Tomorrow on colored vinyl (pink, grey, and white). You can pick it up at the Vagrant webstore and they also have copies on tour with them at the merch table.

I missed Say Anything and Bayside because I headed to Brooklyn Steel to catch Perfume Genius, but our photographer caught them and pictures are in the gallery above. Some Hot Rod Circuit videos below.

most photos by Toby Tenenbaum