Hotsy Totsy Burlesque celebrated boy-wizard Harry Potter's 37th birthday (born July 31st) a couple of weeks early (7/13) with a tribute centered around a new tale, one of the "Cursed Pastie" and how Potter defeating the "president who shall not be named" and won Barack Obama a 3rd term.

The mid-July celebration was hosted by Cherry Pitz, whose clothing (when it was on) was adorned with all the varieties of Bertie Bott Every Flavour Beans, and included performances by, Bimini Cricket (as Harry herhimself!), Candy Apples (as Bellatrix Lestrange), Gogo Incognito (as Rita Skeeter), Kinky Demure (as Dobby the House Elf), Luscius Malfoy (in her debut burlesque performance as Lucius Malfoy), Luna Lee (as Luna Lovegood) and Minnie d'Moocha (as everyone's favorite bathroom spook Moaning Myrtle). Dandy Dillinger (as Ginny Potter) stage-kittened while Le Grand Chaton (warming up the crowd as Gilderoy Lockhart). Check out photos in the gallery above.

Hotsy Totsy's next show, a tribute to Game of Thrones, happens August 10 at the Slipper Room. The event will again be hosted by Cherry Pitz with Handsome Brad, and will include performances by Bimini Cricket, Candy Apples, Freya West, Gogo Incogito, Luna Lee, with Ember Flame doing go-go. A video teaser from a previous GoT tribute is below and they promise not to "pull a Red Wedding or Purple Wedding on the audience!"

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