Brooklyn dance party/radio show/musical moniker House of Feelings recently released a new single called "Avatar." Like all House of Feelings songs, it was created by Matty Fasano and Joe Fassler, and this one has Meredith Graves on vocals. Meredith is active doing one thing or another all the time, but this is the first time she's put out new music in a while. The song was produced by Dale Eisinger of Fasano's GODMODE labelmates YVETTE, and it's a heady dose of outsider electronic music that you can hear right here:

The next House of Feelings party (the sixth one overall) -- which Matty puts on with Mila Matveeva -- happens October 22 at Saint Vitus with live sets by Eartheater, the House of Feelings collective, and GODMODE project Olmsburgh, who will make their live debut at this show. Olmsburgh recently released its debut single "Flesh + Plush," which has music by 2/3 of Mr. Dream, Adam Moerder (aka Fitness) and Matt Morello (who also plays in Motion Studies), plus vocals by Courtship Ritual's Jared Olmsted and Monica Salazar. (As you may know, the other 1/3 of Mr. Dream is Nick Sylvester who runs GODMODE.) Listen below.

Adam will also do a Fitness DJ set at that House of Feelings parties, and the other DJs include In Flagranti, Dave Harrington (Darkside), Olive T, and Kris TBA. There'll be visuals by Preston Spurlock. Tickets are on sale now.