Actor's Hour, which describes itself as "the first pop-up speakeasy dedicated to artists," has been in the news after two comedians and an actress confronted Harvey Weinstein, who was in attendance at their last event at Alphabet City's Downtime Bar. Furthermore, event organizer Alexandra Laliberte told Buzzfeed News that this was the second time Weinstein has attended; "I welcome all walks of life into my space," she told them. Bushwick venue House of Yes was scheduled to host an upcoming edition of Actor's Hour on November 18, but the venue as cancelled it after learning that Weinstein has been a regular attendee. They released a statement, which reads:

Some facts for everyone following the Actor's Hour / Harvey Weinstein situation:

-An event called Actor's Hour - held at a DIFFERENT VENUE - had Harvey Weinstein in their audience twice.
-They are scheduled to produce an Actor's Hour at House of Yes in November
-Harvey Weinstein has NEVER BEEN to House of Yes and NEVER will be.

We have reached out to the producers of the event to find out why Harvey Weinstein was at their event, and have asked whether they are going to denounce association with him, ban him from future events, and apologize to the community for how they handled the situation.

We are moving forward with cancelling the event while the producers take their time to collect their thoughts and figure out how to heal the harm they caused by having Harvey Weinstein present at 2 of their events.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, Actor's Hour organizers had previously released a statement denying inviting Weinstein to the event. They've since released a new statement; "as always," it reads, "I welcome and engage an open dialogue between myself and the community, when I did not receive any feedback on [Weinstein's] presence, I chose not to turn him away when he returned. I was subsequently not prepared to handle such a high-energy situation." Read it in full below.

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