Houston screamo/post-hardcore band Overo are gearing up to release their sophomore album, Waiting for the End to Begin, on April 20 via Middle-Man Records (pre-order). The album was recorded by Fairweather vocalist Jay Littleton, and it finds the band bringing in strings and horns, poetry written and read by Roberto Tejada, and arpeggiator performed by Rainer Maria's Kaia Fischer. The album description namedrops Yaphet Kotto, Daitro, Raein, Touché Amore, and Defeater as comparisons, and if you like any or all of those bands, you'll probably immediately like new single "Walls," which premieres in this post. It seamlessly connects the dots between classic '90s/early 2000s screamo, the 2010s new wave of post-hardcore, and the current screamo revival, and it's a big, soaring post-hardcore song that's bursting at the seams with sprawling ambition. It comes with a video directed by guitarist/vocalist Brendan Stephens, who had this to say:

[Guitarist/vocalist] Lindsay [Minton] and I wrote "Walls" as a song to capture the isolating feeling of being unheard despite the barriers being largely internal. Unlike many of our songs, lyrically this one ends on a hopeful note that one day the barriers will crumble. For the music video, I spent several days cutting out dozens of posterboard skylines and assembling paper houses. Through careful positioning of colored lights, we could create shadows that made really unusual effects in both the foreground and the background.

Check it out below.

In related news, Lindsay Minton and bassist Mercy Harper's other band football, etc. just put out the Vision EP, their first release in five years, last week. Check that out here.


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