Montreal's Hubert Lenoir releases a new album, PICTURA DE IPSE : Musique directe, this Wednesday (9/15), which is his follow-up to 2018's Polaris-nominated Darlène. Just ahead of that, he's shared the video for new single "OCTEMBRE," featuring Bonnie Banane. Like the other singles we've heard from the album, Hubert is taking a chilled-out R&B approach this time, and the video, directed by Noémie D. Leclerc, features Hubert and Bonnie galavanting around Paris dressed as a scarecrow and witch, respectively. You can watch that below.

We asked Hubert if he would tell us about some of the things that influenced the new direction of his sound on the album, and he gave us a list of five albums, including Prince, Kanye West and Jean-Pierre Ferland. Check that list out, along with Hubert's commentary, below.

Meanwhile, Hubert has been unleashed in the United States for his most extensive touring here yet and while you may not understand what he's singing (in French) you are not likely to forget his show. He just played Hopscotch and will play Philly on Tuesday, NYC's Mercury Lounge on Wednesday (tickets), Winooski, VT on Thursday, and Chicago on Monday (9/20).


1. Jean-Pierre Ferland - Jaune
This album is a cult classic in Québec and it really inspired me to go on and trust my ideas. Trust the process and try to do something legendary.

2. Prince - Sign O' the Times
Prince has always been an inspiration, but this double album by him has been a massive inspiration for PICTURA DE IPSE: Musique directe. The pitched up vocals, the eclectic nature of the album and his audacity. Prince was such an avant-gardiste that this album feels extremely fresh and pop relevant nearly 35 years after its release.

3. Kanye West - The Life of Pablo
Not a fan favorite from Ye but on my end it is one of my favorite albums of his. I think the album is a picture of Kanye's state of mind without any forms of censorship. It's raw, explicit and full of paradoxes. A lot of people complain about the fact that it’s all over the place, and it’s kinda funny because I think it is the basic purpose of this album. It really pushed me to give more of myself and be genuine and honest in my work.

4. Fergie - The Duchess
Always been a fan and this is one of my favorite albums ever. In the making of PICTURA DE IPSE: Musique directe I started to listen to this album all over again and it gave me joy and focused me on crafting melodies and producing good drum beats. The album is so joyful, heartfelt and unique. A true pop masterpiece.

5. Chris Watson - El Tren Fantasma
Chris Watson is a field recording artist who made various albums in that style. This one is special to me because I think that amongst all of his work it is the most musical one. He recorded train sounds in Mexico and he arranges them into this train symphony. This album made me realize that life and humans have a rhythm and a musicality and forced me into the idea of Musique directe.

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