Chris Rowley, who played in early-'90s UK riot grrrl / art punk band Huggy Bear, has for the most part stayed out of music since that band broke up in 1994. But after a chance meeting with John Arthur Webb of Male Bonding while flipping through records at London's Rough Trade, the idea of making music "suddenly it felt super exciting." Webb then brought in his Male Bonding bandmate Kevin Henrick, and they enlisted young drummer Sonny Barrett (who was born a couple years after Huggy Bear Broke up), and Adulkt Life was born.

"Early in Adulkt Life songwriting we wanted to make a song like Devo - something herky jerky with a future disco swing for a party crowd - but we were all too angry,” says Rowley of "County Pride," Adulkt Life's first single. "The song is about the need to escape from hostile small town awfulness and the weird ways you choose to get out. It’s a dark ride with sparky edges through small town/new town bid for blood. Adulkt life haven't learnt to be flippant yet, just flipped out."

The skronky agitation that was prevalent in Huggy Bear can be heard in "County Pride," as is Male Bonding's melted punk. It's a nice first taste and a welcome return for Rowley. Listen below.

"County Pride," which is out via What's Your Rupture, comes with a digital zine made by Rawley. Say the band: "Why a fanzine(s)? to parallel document or footnote yr./our sonic existence ? Cos We're Adulkt Life we wanted to try and recapture the feelings not just in rediscovering music but all the other crucial elements that go alongside it, the passion to share and scrutinize and play poetically with brut force and argue and find associations and mistakes in the culture." It's downloadable with the purchase of the digital track.

Adulkt Life are currently working on their debut album. Stay tuned.

Adulkt Life zine

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