photos by Amanda Hatfield

Touche Amore are a week away from putting out their fourth album, Stage Four, and ahead of its release they played their first of two shows with Hum. It was last night (9/8) at NYC's Terminal 5 with grunge-punk revivalists Basement opening. Touche played some new stuff, including "Rapture," which hasn't surfaced online yet, and of course plenty of favorites from all over their career. They said on stage that it was really cool to play with Hum because they had been so influential on their sound, and asked people who had come for them and Basement but weren't familiar with Hum to stay and give them a chance. (They also said that for people who had come for Hum, thank you for putting up with Touche yelling at them.)

The crowd did thin out a bit for Hum's set, but there were some people up front who were clearly huge fans. They gave us plenty of favorites like "The Pod," "Little Dipper," "Suicide Machine," and of course their big hit "Stars." Pictures of the T5 show are in the gallery above, and Hum and Touche Amore's setlists are below.

Hum and TA do it again together in California on September 24 with another grunge-punk revival band, Balance & Composure (who have a new album coming). Touche also have dates with Tiny Moving Parts and Culture Abuse coming up.

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