The current wave of death metal-infused hardcore continues to grow, and here's yet another great example of it. Florida band Human (named after the classic album by fellow Florida band Death?) are putting out their debut EP Delicacies of Extinction on Friday (3/5) via Silence Is Death, and they're currently streaming two ragers from it. If you've been digging stuff like Frozen Soul, Gatecreeper, Fuming Mouth, etc, definitely do not miss this.

The band -- which has members of Android, Dzoavits, Khann, Republicorpse, and Cannabas -- also bring a politically conscious side to these songs. Speaking about "Days of Rage" to New Noise, vocalist/guitarist John Farran said:

It’s a protest song, a fuckin’ metal one. It’s about how the Palestinian and the Black American struggle although different, aren’t isolated. The oppressors not only use the same tactics, the same tear gas, and the same bullets, they also fund each other.

As a Palestinian growing up in the United States, I can’t unsee the parallels. The song is a call for unification. We can only overcome it by realizing our intersections, and this goes for all oppressed people throughout the globe. We aren’t distant strangers, and our enemy is the same. Power to the people.

1. Brown Scare
2. Green Desert
3. Blue Graves
4. White Jesus
5. Days of Rage
6. M.Y.O.E.
7. Delicacies of Extinction

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