Hundreds of AU, one of screamo veteran Tom Schlatter's current bands, already released their great third album Acting From Remote Satellites on Patient Zero Records earlier this year, and today they've followed it up with a new five-song EP, A Briefing on the Human Condition. The EP picks right up where the album left off, with moments of blackened fury and moments of sheer beauty and all kinds of twists and turns in between. The band says the songs will be released on a 12" split in 2022 on Zegema Beach Records, but you can stream them all now and I recommend doing that. Listen below.

Hundreds of AU also have an upcoming NYC show at Trans-Pecos on October 23 with the all-around great bill of Closer, Infant Island, Massa Nera, and Louisette (ex-Lytic, first show). Tickets are on sale.


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