Pre-order Eichlers' upcoming Bad Time Records debut on limited-to-100 "electric blue" vinyl, or as part of a Bad Time Records bundle with exclusive variants of two other BTR titles.

Eichlers is the project of Russ Wood, who's coined the term "hyperska" -- a mix of hyperpop, ska, pop punk, and emo -- and he's been releasing singles over the course of the past year or so that live up to that uniquely appealing description. He recently had a song on Bad Time Records' The Shape of Ska Punk To Come: Volume II compilation, and now he's announced a new album -- his first for Bad Time -- My Checkered Future.

The album doesn't include any of Eichlers' recent singles, but it does include ten new songs and guest appearances from Tape Girl, Omnigone, JER (aka Jeremy Hunter of We Are the Union and Skatune Network), and BOBOSO (aka Bob Vielma of Shinobu and Fuss). The first single is "Things U C In Me," a fun catchy song that manages to feel upbeat and melancholic all at once. If you're nostalgic for '90s ska or early 2000s emo, or you're into stuff like 100 gecs or Lil Peep, you should give this a listen. Check it out below.

My Checkered Future comes out March 25 via Bad Time Records, and we've teamed with Eichlers and BTR on an "electric blue" vinyl variant, limited to 100 copies and available exclusively in our stores. Pre-order yours now while they last. They look like this:


You can also get the new Eichlers album as part of a Bad Time Records bundle that also includes our exclusive variants of the new Dissidente and Abraskadabra albums, and browse our Bad Time collection for more BTR titles.

1. Hi (Album Edition)
2. Drive U Crazy
3. Things U C In Me
4. Nickel City (feat. Omnigone)
5. 99 Resolutionz (feat. Tape Girl)
6. I Need Hep Immediately
7. Honestly So Sick (feat. BOBOSO)
8. Buddy Icon (feat. JER)
9. Whole Lotta Rude
10. My Checkered Future


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